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The Journey of Humanity artwork sells for $62 million

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The Journey of Humanity artwork sells for $62 million

British artist Sacha Jafri be made up of the world’s largest painting. The name of the artwork is The Journey of Humanity (2020). The work has an abstraction that featuring drips, whorls, and splatters of various shades. It was certified as the world’s largest painting by the Guinness Book of the World Records.

As of the source, on Tuesday, The Journey of Humanity sold for $62 million at an auction held at Atlantis, The Palm hotel. Further, the work remains split into 70 framed sections spanning 1,595.76 square meters (17,176 sq ft).

“ ART is an irreplaceable way of understanding and expressing the world ”

As of the reports, the Guinness World Records confirmed that the Largest Art Canvas had been put on display in the ballroom of the opulent hotel. But, generally, it was intended to be sold in segments. The painting was very powerful artwork. But, it would have been a mistake to separate the pieces.

According to the source, the sale puts it among the most expensive artworks by a living artist ever sold at auction. Moreover, it remains not far behind a $69 million Beeple NFT piece. This work sold at Christie’s earlier this month.

The Journey of Humanity artwork sells for $62 million

Initially, the artist Jafri had been to split the painting. Moreover, sell it in 60 segments to produce $30 million to support global digital equality. Those paintings were intended to have been sold in four auctions.

However, the artwork preferably sold as one. It went to Andre Abdoune, chief executive of Altius Gestion International Holding, according to the Emirati outlet National. The proceeds will go to a variety of organizations, including UNICEF, UNESCO, the U.A.E.’s Ministry of Education, and the Global Gift Foundation.

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