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Myanmar forces kill 114 protesters in deadliest day since coup

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Myanmar forces kill 114 protesters on the deadliest day since the coup

As the Myanmar military marked the annual Armed Forces holiday with a parade on Saturday in Myanmar’s capital. Soldiers and the police killed hundreds of civilians since last month. The Myanmar now on-line news website announced that the death toll was 114 on late Saturday. A count of 107 deaths, spread over more than twelve cities, provided by an independent researcher in Yangon who compiled almost-real-time death tolls. Both figures vary from 74 to 90 in terms of numbers above all predictions for the previous peak on 14th March.

The Associated Press cannot validate the death toll separately. The killings were promptly condemned internationally with many diplomatic missions in Burma. However, statements mentioning Saturday’s killing of civilians including children. The European Union delegation to Myanmar said on Twitter. This 76th Myanmar Armed Forces day will remain a day of fear and dishonor. The killing of civilians without weapons, including children, is indefensible.

The US Board said that bullets fired in Yangon on Saturday but none had wounded:

bullets fired in Yangon

Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticized the violence in the United States. We are appalled by the Burmese security forces’ bloodshed. This shows that the junta would waste the lives of the poor in a tweet for the few. I give the victims’ families my heartfelt sympathy. The valiant Burmese citizens oppose the reign of terror of the state. Myanmar’s death toll has slowly increased. After five decades of military dictatorship, the coup overturned years of development in democracy. By Friday, 328 persons checked in the post-coup repression by the Association of Political Prisoners. The Junta leader, Gen Min Aung Hlaing, did not apply specifically to a resistance movement. When he spoke to thousands of soldiers in Naypyitaw on his national Armed Forces Day.

However, the demonstrators call the holiday its original name. The day of the resistance to the Japanese occupation, which began in World War 2. On Friday night, the MRTV state television broadcasts a statement calling on young persons who have shot in the head or back during demonstrations. The message has generally considered a threat.

The junta has recently seen the protesters who violently committed Molotov cocktails sporadically. In comparison, police forces used live fire against largely nonviolent and unarmed crowds for weeks. The US Board said that bullets fired in Yangon on Saturday, but none had wounded. The military government does not provide daily estimates for casualties and although it publishes estimates. Moreover, it is a fraction of the figures published by other parties like the United Nations. 

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