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Thousands of Czechs Protest Against President Zeman Over Russia Views;

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Thousands of Czechs Protest Against President Zeman Over Russia Views;

Thousands of Czechs Protest Against President Zeman Over Russia Views. In the Paragraph, Thousands of Czechs took to the streets on Thursday to condemn pro-Russian President Milos Zeman’s remarks. Regarding Moscow’s role in a major ammunition warehouse explosion in the Czech Republic in 2014. Demonstrators demanded his immediate resignation, claiming that his pro-Moscow convictions amounted to treason.

Almost 10,000 people assembled in Prague’s Wenceslas Square, sporting masks and adhering to social distancing laws. Rallies also conducted in other areas of the region. They urged the Senate to file a constitutional complaint against Zeman. Claiming that his comments supporting Russia undermined the country’s intelligence community’s findings, making him a “security danger” to the European republic.

Czech lawmakers announced earlier this month;

Czech lawmakers

The demonstrations coincide with heightened geopolitical tensions between Moscow and Prague. Russian GRU military intelligence officers suspected of being involved in the 2014 bombing that killed two people. Czech lawmakers announced earlier this month that. They had information pointing to the presence of Russia’s intelligence service. They promptly removed 18 Russian embassy personnel. Moscow retaliated by evicting 20 Czech diplomats from Moscow, effectively paralyzing the embassy.

Despite the Czech Foreign Ministry’s suggestion last week. Russia allows the individuals to return, their requests went unanswered. The nation then requested the expulsion of 63 additional Russian ambassadors. Who have until the end of May to depart. Moscow’s spat with Prague has also prompted many Baltic nations to express their respect for the Czech Republic by expelling Russian diplomats. Slovakia became the first NATO ally to do so on Thursday. When it expelled three diplomats. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania quickly followed.

In the midst of these tensions, Zemen cast doubt on Moscow’s involvement in the incident and cautioned people against “any kind of hysteria.” The leader disputed his government’s claims, claiming that there has no credible proof of Russian involvement. His comment has then widely echoed by Russian officials. Instead of helping his own country. The president tells the same stories as Russian propaganda and fake websites. Said Benjamin Roll, co-founder and chief of Million Moments for Democracy. In response to mounting criticism, the Senate has recently stated that it would consider taking action against the president.

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