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At least 40 dead in fighting in Sudan’s Darfur

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At least 40 dead in fighting in Sudan’s Darfur

The United Nations said Monday at least 40 people had killed and 58 wounded in 3 days of conflicts in the State of Sudan’s West Darfur. The weekend clashes brought about the outbreak of a shot in the city at dawn on Monday. After residents of El Geneina, the capital of Western Darfur near the border with Chad said the shells exploded in the suburbs. Smoke plumes shot up high in the sky as people dodged crime, testimonials said.

The United Nations humanitarian agency OCHA said in a statement that 40 civilians have murdered since April 3rd. The top security body of Sudan, the Defense Council, declared emergency conditions in West Darfur late on Monday and deployed soldiers in the region. On Monday, we woke up to the gunfire’s sound, told AFP an eyewitness, Abdelrahman Ahmed clashes extend to the suburbs of the west. A civil war broke out during 2003, killing about 3,00,000 people and displacing 2,5 million, according to the UN, devastated the widespread Darfur region.

It erupted when rebels from ethnic minorities rose up against the Arab-dominated government of dictator Omar al-Bashir. Over the years, the war has subsided and a series of peace agreements were concluded in October. But the area is overwhelmed by assault weapons after years of war. There are still clashes, mostly between land and water access. During the worst years of the conflict, residents are coming back to discover those who have invaded their lands.

An Ambulance carrying injured patients have targeted in the West Darfur Doctors Committee:

An ambulance carrying injured patients have targeted in the West Darfur Doctors Committee

On Monday afternoon the battle already continued as dense smoke filled El Geneina. Eyewitnesses said that we remained in our homes but heard gunshots in near proximity to a shell that landed at home from our neighbor, Adam Issa, another local, said. An ambulance carrying injured patients has targeted in the West Darfur Doctors Committee. Moreover, a resident of El Geneina, said he saw a “smoke haze” surrounding the city’s swathes. He added that some people in these communities mainly women and children who fled to our city.

Since the overthrow of long-time President Omar al Bashir in April 2019. Sudan is experiencing a turbulent transition from the back of the mass demonstrations against its rule. In the major war areas of Sudan, including Darfur, the transitional government has to push for reconciliation with rebel groups. A 13-year peacekeepers mission in Darfur ended with the UN and African Union on 31st December. In January, more than 200 people were killed, some of the region’s deadliest bloodshed in years.

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