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Japanese Stocks fall on Monday concerned over new COVID variant

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Japanese Stocks fall on Monday concerned over new COVID variant

Japanese stocks fall: Nikkei 225 is also known as Nikkei Stock Average. It is an index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange. On Monday, Japanese stocks dropped as Nikkei Index and broader Topix index lowered. It results in raising the US-China issues and the suspicion of a new variant of COVID.

225-issue Nikkei Stock Average opened at 26,834.10 level with a gain of 0.30% from the last close of 26,763.39 level. It reached a day high of 26,905.67 level. Finally, at the end of the market, the stock closed at 26,714.42 level with a loss of 48.97 points (0.18%).

On the other hand, the broader Topix index dropped 4.19 points at the 1,789.05 level with a loss of 0.23%. As of the source, the European government has issued a fresh lockdown to several countries in Europe on concern over the new variant of Coronavirus. As of result, various European countries closed their borders to the UK.

Besides, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of British to conduct an emergency meeting regarding international travel and the flow of consignment in and out of Britain. On the other hand, the Japanese government may approve a 106.06 trillion yen budget for the start of the financial year 2021. In this way, the government of Japan is planning to alleviate the COVID impact in their country.

As of the Japan Exchange Group reports, aviation, mining, real estate, securities house, electric power, and gas issues are major causes for the reduction in Japanese stocks. On the other hand, bank and non-ferrous metal stocks gained at the end of the day.

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