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The Nuclear waste tank at the Hanford site in Washington state may be leaking;

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The Nuclear waste tank at the Hanford site in Washington state seems to leak;

The nuclear waste tank at the Hanford site in Washington state seems to leak. A World War II-era underground radioactive waste storage tank in Washington state seems to leak toxic material onto the environment. According to the US Department of Energy on Thursday. Hence, It’s the second tank suspected of dumping waste from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation’s processing of plutonium for nuclear weapons. The first has found in 2013. Even more of the site’s 149 single-walled storage tanks are accused of leakage.

The most recent spill suspect is Tank B-109. Which contains 123,000 gallons of nuclear waste. Between 1946 and 1976, the massive tank has built as part of the Manhattan Project and collected waste from Hanford operations. The Hanford site near Richland in the state’s southeastern corner. Created about two-thirds of the plutonium for the nation’s nuclear arsenal. Including the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, which is now the country’s most polluted radioactive waste site.

Tank B-109 has discovered in March 2019;

Tank B-109

For decades, the sprawling Hanford site undergoing a multibillion-dollar environmental cleanup. The Washington State Department of Ecology and the United States Environmental Protection Agency informed on Thursday that. Moreover, The tank most likely overflowing. There is no heightened health or safety danger to the Hanford workforce or the general public. Said Geoff Tyree, an Energy Department spokesperson. This is not a recent issue, and prevention measures have in effect for decades to protect jobs, the public, and the environment.

According to the department, the tank had already drained of pumpable liquids leaving a limited volume of liquid waste inside. According to the department, systems in the region catch and destroy toxins that enter groundwater ensuring the safety of the Columbia River. However, The leak from Tank B-109 has discovered in March 2019. When there was a minor reduction in the volume of its liquid waste. Monthly tests revealed that the amount remained steady until July 2020. When another decline observed, prompting the DOE to open an investigation.

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